June 11, 2022

Nevermind. It’s pretty much all shit. And we can’t stop moving so only option is to step in shit. Sorry.


I grew up in the 80’s in the West Texas football town that inspired “Friday Night Lights.” The only turf where whites and blacks mixed better than oil and water was in Ratliff Stadium, and that’s just because there’s a lot of blood in football, and blood isn’t black or white. I didn’t have aContinue reading “BLACK AND WHITE SHIT”

Don’t keep shit

We hold onto things for a few reasons – to make life easier/more comfortable, to help us achieve our goals, to improve our security, and to help us remember. Its the last one of these reasons that can turn to shit. When my grandparents moved from their home of forty years to an assisted livingContinue reading “Don’t keep shit”

Skin, or: Bones

Originally posted on The Skeptic's Kaddish 🇮🇱:
Poetry Partners #27 ‘Skin in the Game’ by Audrey Duff of ‘Stopping Schadenfreude’ It’s the horses’ sweaty skin that Derby owners claim. Warren Buffet’s first deal, not much skin in that game. Pigs weren’t so lucky in games, Their bladders stretched and stuffed, tossed and bound, for four…

Don’t “Find Yourself”in Shit

Lawyers generally charge more than behavioral health professionals because the market dictates that solid, short term advice is worth more than chronic empathy. Empathy is arguably the most valuable of human qualities. That is why it does not sell. When a quality is part of the human experience, it is perceived as an entitlement. Scarcity doesContinue reading “Don’t “Find Yourself”in Shit”


Siri has a purpose. Talk to her when you know where you want to go. Tell Alexa the volume and the temperature you prefer when you are unsatisfied with the status quo. Just keep in mind that the help you will receive has no relationship to any internal desire your robotic assistants have attached toContinue reading “ROBOTS WITH NAMES”

Know the Difference Between A Pile of Love vs. A Pile of Commitment

In a brief visit to the shitless land of the Oxford Languages Online Dictionary, (a resource surprisingly useful in mapping a path around shit that smells like roses), we find the following gold nugget definitions: COMMITMENT = the state of or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc; a pledge or undertaking, anContinue reading “Know the Difference Between A Pile of Love vs. A Pile of Commitment”


There’s nothing sexy about a disclaimer, but it is how I am choosing to bypass what would be countless paragraphs of telling my story just to catch up my readers as to why I paid the $100ish WordPress Premium Annual Fee for this Blog site. In other words, I offer this disclaimer in place ofContinue reading “DISCLAIMER”


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